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Tonyia Hadeed - 29/8/2006
wut up in syria r u guys ok i hope so god bless u all ok oh and by the way tonangel99 is me uhhhhhhh ok well the important thing is be safe syria ok god bless u all especially my friends and family that are living in syria ok be safe syria and dont worry the president will take care of u guys ok so u dont have 2 be worried byyyyyy!
sam - 28/8/2006
god protect syria from the israels and the basterds in the government in lebanon and from the dogs all around the world. allah with beshar al assad and allah with the people in syria. die all the israels who think they could take all the middle eastern countries !!! love from sam
Tonyia Hadeed - 27/8/2006
i love syria it is were i came from god bless syria lord keep syria safe i hope my family and friends r ok in syria god bless them and syria
nour - 27/8/2006
hi ana ismi nour souria 3aicher bi lebanon bas ana b7eb souria w bitmanna inni 3ich fiha bas ana bit3allam bi lebanon w ktir rifati bi al madraser bi7ebou souria shoukran 3ala maw2i3
Bassel Khouri - 25/8/2006
I would like to thank every and each one of you who worked on this site. It is a good connection between us who lives abroad, and our loved country.
fadidallah - 16/8/2006
vivre la syrie, vivre Bashar Elasad
Hani Faraj - 16/8/2006
I spent 25 beautifull days in Souria, I can't describe my feelings, I would like to thank all Sourian people for their hospitality and generousity , beautiful country anywhere you go and at any time , really wish to live there for the rest of my life. Well done Syria and your people.
My last visit was early 80's, alot better and more freedom and safe through out the day.I ve enjoyed every minute without exaguration.
syrianah - 16/8/2006

mashala katami - 15/8/2006
suria god biple and very nise i will came bank agen im prumise you !
samira khoury - 11/8/2006
we will protect our country with every thing we have got! Do not fear anyone Syria, for ,we your children stand on gard for thee
syrianah - 10/8/2006
Occupied ppl have the RIGHT to resist the OCCUPATION itself,as well as the specific illegal practices of the OCCUPIER,
HELP SUPPORT US IN THE PURSUIT 4 JUSTICE 4 ALL,in Palestine and Lebanon......

with ALLAH HELP we ll always survive inshallah....
BEST WISHES TO U ALL IN SYRIA; the BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY where my origin came from....

nimah (nemo) ismail - 5/8/2006
salams everyone,
wow .. its been a long time since ive visited syria - 6 yrs.
inshallah, ill go for a visit soon.
subhanallah, how things have changed over the years - islam, people, lebanon .. pretty much everything. but some things will always stay the same - jews. they will always try to steal land and destroy people's livelihood.
in the end, inshallah, all will be just and fair.
nemo :)
mohammad - 4/8/2006

your idea on boycotting israeli products is very good.

Maybe most people in syria would do that, but probably the rich syrians and the richer arabs of the gulf countries could not care less.

i mean look at the number of american things in their houses. they will shout a few words and demonstrate a little, but when it comes to giving up their luxuries provided by the jews, which is directly is killing their muslim brothers and sisters in palestine it is too hard a sacrifice to make.

i'm not syrian but trust me i have seen it when i go to the middle east. sadly some of the arabs are the biggest hypocrites in the world, like the majority of the leaders!!!
Holland - 3/8/2006
1st, peace to Syria, and your peoples. it is easy to write here on your website. new orleans, louisiana is home to me. 200 years ago my family moved to America from France right before Napoleans invasion of europe. Your traditions are not known to me except by one girl. she went to Damascus American school. can you or any person comment on your thinking?
pierro - 3/8/2006
syria bt3a2ed w 7sousan bachar asad
anas - 30/7/2006
stand up anf fight...
this is our last chance to prove that we are still alive .. able to say "NO"..
hazmaq - 30/7/2006
I have a suggestion I would urge the Syrian government to adopt quickly. You must make legal Lebonons ownership of Shebaa Farms. I just heard one of the Syrian Cabinet Ministers say it belong to Lebanon but it legally, through dozens of UN maps, still belongs to Syria. This instantly takes away Israels argument and false rights. And will aid Lebanon tremendously in a host of ways. Lebanon has the majority of world support. Give them more legitimate control.
Joshua Ibrahim - 28/7/2006
Keep up your strong support for Hassan Nasser Allah Because you will prevail in the end. Its time to stand up to the Israeli bullies we have had enough of them and Americans Killing innocent arabs Israel hungry for land and america hungry for oil Allah Maak Bashar Assad keep up the good work we are very proud of your stance in Australia We all hate the Jews even here in Australia Jews control our life.

May god keep syria and Lebanon from any harm
God help Bashar Assad Hassan Nasser Alaah Emil Lahoud Keep the arabs heads raised high
Ghada Dillsi - 28/7/2006
Imagine guys if Israel won over Hezbollah- god forbbiden-what is going to happend??? answers!!!will be no dignity ,no honor, no respect,no freedom, no pride , no no life . so please God overcome the resistance in all the Arab lands, and may Ummah rise again Inshallah.Salaam to all good Arabs and Syrians
Ghada Dillsi - 26/7/2006
I love you Souria,may allah keep you from harm,
and victory over your enemy, keep the good work
and I miss you a lot , I will visit you next summer inshallah.
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