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ENANA Group inaugurates Artistic Festival accompanying 57th session of Damascus International Fair
Writer/Source: Sana (11/7/2010)
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The Syrian ENANA Group for Dance Theater on Saturday inaugurated the Artistic Festival accompanying the 57th session of Damascus International Fair by presenting its grand dramatic show /Salah Eddin/ for Director Jihad Mufleh.

A number of Syrian drama stars, including Abdul Hakim Qteifan, Adel Ali, Nawar Bulbul, Ramez Aswad, Abeer Shams Eddin and others participated in the show.

In a statement to SANA, Director of ENANA Group Mufleh said that the group is interested in taking part in the local festivals, particularly Damascus International Fair not only because of its originality, but also because the Syrian Company for Exhibitions has embraced the group at its beginnings.

He pointed out that the idea of the dramatic show Salah Eddin is based on mixing drama with the dance theater. The group continues presenting /Salah Eddin/ show on July 12, 13, 15 on the Old Fair grounds Theater.

ENANA will participate in the official opening of the 57th session on Damascus International Fair on July 14 by presenting "A Thousand and One Night
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