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First Collective Exhibition for Faculty of Fine Arts' Students Kicks off
Writer/Source: Sana (6/2/2011)
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The First collective exhibition for the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts on Saturday kicked off at Damascus-based Dedeman Hotel with the participation of more than forty students of Painting Department.

The participants presented several paintings addressing new issues with an artistic and aesthetical courage.

Rector of Damascus University Dr. Wael Mualla told SANA that the Faculty of Fine Arts is one of the most ancient faculties in Syria as it was established before more than half a century, indicating that the exhibition represents this deep-rootedness through the high-quality artworks.

Mualla added that the presented works in the exhibition indicate the high artistic talents of the students who were able to embody distinguished artistic visions through their charming artworks.

"There is a wide-ranging cooperation between Damascus University and various institutions in this sphere," Mualla said, indicating that such events come in the framework of the University's plans for connecting the students with the labor market and the society and its various bodies.

The exhibited paintings, which were made of oil and acrylic, reflected the high harmony between the Syrian environment and the modern digital culture as the students mixed the originality with modernity according to a new aesthetical perspective.
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