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200 More Citizens Return to Jisr al-Shughour
Writer/Source: Sana (3/7/2011)
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SANA correspondent in Idleb said 325 citizens from Jisr al-Shughour and its countryside returned to their homes after the terrorist gunmen forced them to leave.

The citizens came back through al-Hassania border gate, according to the correspondent.

Syrian families are returning from the Turkish camps to their homeland for the second consecutive week after they were forced by armed terrorist groups to leave their homes.

"Finally, we are back to our homes to see our families and neighbors. We have been thinking of the homeland all the time in the refugee camps. Thanks to the army. Because of the army, we could come back to our homes", returnee Mohammed Bakri said.

He added that he longed to come back to his house after he was forced by terrorist gunmen to leave along with his family.

Other returnees pointed out to the important role of the army which has sacrificed for the sake of their security, stressing the need for revealing the lies perpetuated by some sattelite channels that incite sedition and cause turmoil.

They also noted that false news and rumors were a main reason for the families' stay in the Turkish camps for all this time, and that they never felt comfortable away from their homes
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