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Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs: Syria Surprised by Qatari Officials'
Writer/Source: Sana (18/1/2012)
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An official source at the Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs on Tuesday stated that Syria is surprised by the statements of Qatari officials which call for sending Arab forces to it, and it categorically rejects such calls which would aggravate the situation, hinder the joint Arab work and open the door wide for the foreign interference in Syria's affairs.

The source affirmed that the Syrian people are proud of their dignity and sovereignty and they reject all forms of foreign interference in their affairs under any pretext, and they will confront any attempt to undermine Syria's sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

The source expressed regret that the Arab blood is being shed in Syria to serve well-known agendas, particularly after the conspiracy hatched against Syria has become very clear.

The source added that in a time when Syria implements its commitments agreed upon according to the Arab Work Plan, Syria reiterates the call upon the Arab countries and the Arab League to exert tangible efforts to stop the instigation campaigns and the media mobilization which aim at aggravating the situation in Syria and facilitating the infiltration of the gunmen and the smuggling of weapons to the Syrian territories to achieve security and stability in a way that would pave the way for constructive national dialogue aiming at finding political solution to crisis in Syria.
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