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By: Y2k
Their was an amarican boy With a orange. A chines boy with an apple and a Homsie with A nuculer sTink Bomb. The 1st Boy WAs crying A man asked y
r u crying?? He said "I got hit with an apple." The old man asked the 2nd boy y r u crying. He said I got hit with an orange. He went to the homsie boy y r u lafing little boy???? coz I FARTED AND BLEW UP THE BUILDING BEHIND ME!!!! LoL
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By: susu
A rabbit saw met anothe rabbit fleeing into the country side, 'What are you running away from?' asked the first Rabbit. 'The Homsi's are killing the dogs!' said the second rabbit in fright. 'So what?' asked the first one, 'you're not a dog!'.

WELL GO TELL THEM THAT! screamed the second bunny!
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By: hala
an army officer couldn't sleep at night, woke up and cus he cann't sleep he didn't want any of his soldiers to sleep.he wake them up and asked them to bring a bad reputed ant or he'll punish them hardly .all surrenderd and waited 4 the punishment but one of them came back to the officer with an ant .the officer looked angrily and asked the soldier :what is that???
a bad reputed ant sir.replied the soldier .
and how did u know that she is a bad one by god sake?asked the officer .
by god sake! if she's not bad how did i find her out so late at night
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By: luna
what is the difference between underwear and the sun?
they both come down at night
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By: Mohanad
Once there was a man who really wanted to become a taxi driver. Finnally he got his wish. He is zooming down a street, then a man shouts out taxi, taxi, he says yes yes i am a taxi driver and continues driving
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By: simojab69
3 arabs went to Europe, with a mission to learn their language... When they were walkin in the street, they heard people sayin loud: "its us"
So they memorised it. Then in the restaurent they heard people sayin: "with a fork and a knife", and at last in the bank they heard: "we'd like to make it double.."
Our heroes memorised for now 3 words. Proud of them self, they went downtown. There, they saw a dead body with a policeman next to it... the policeman asked: "who killed him?" Our heroes, didnt know what to answer so they said: Us!
the policeman asked again: with what did u kill him?. they answered: with a fork and a knife!. The man said again: so ur gonna stay 2 years in jail!.They answered: we'd like to make it double
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By: hussam majed
why the homsi wear his new shoes after 3 days from buying date ??? , because the sales man tell him that the shoes will become small the first 3 days , so he wear the shoes after the first three days ??!!!!
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By: Caroline

Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and
crackling, telling me, "You're next."

They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.
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By: yara
Teacher asked the students how is kill Napillion Ponabert? The boys answered oh sir not us we are very good persons, we are from good families. So the teacher came ungry and went to the headmaster, would you please come and see the students in my class? the headmaster gone with him and then the teacher asked the same question, and the students answered the same. so the headmaster ask the teacher are you sure the one how killed Napillion in this class???????
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Rate Rate: 3 out of 10
By: Shikrieh
So a Homsi and a Halabi are walking together in a park. Suddenly the Halabi says, "Oh no! There's a dead bird over there!" The Homsi looks up in the sky and shouts, "Where?!!?!!???" :D
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By: MaRyOuMa
whats little white and can fly?
a little bird who comes from mecka!!!!
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By: MaRyOuMa
three men 1 2 and 3 was going to a resturant, they eat ma2loobeh, how did they get out?
3 2 and 1...looool
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By: MaRyOuMa
marra wehdeh samakeh homsiye...gherket..
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By: MaRyOuMa
once a homsi drunk milk and then he died,why???
the cow fall on him..lo0o0o0o0o0l
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