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By: Gadanfar
Abu Abed and Abu Steif went once on a fishing trip to the Cote D'Azur in France...

They took the plane from Beirut and then rented a yacht from Nice and came back two weeks later with only one Salmon fish...

Abu Abed : " Did you realize that this lousy fish cost us about $10.000 a piece.. ?"

" Ten Thousand dollars Wow !" replied Abu Steif " At that rate it is good thing that we only caught one

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By: Fadi.US
Why six is afraid of seven???
Because seven ate nine

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By: jumana
There was a boy who went to bed one night.
Boy: "Dad can i have a glass of water?"
Father: "no you're already in bed, you should've asked before."(few minutes later...)
Boy: "Dad can I have a glass of water?"
Father: " No, how many times do i have to tell you,you should've asked before."(few minutes later)
Boy: "Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i please have a glass of water?"
Father: " I said no, if you ask me once more I'm going to come up there to spank you!"
Boy: "Dad, when you come up to spank me, can you bring me a glass of water?"
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By: mayoosh
a homsi was wearing a parrot on his head so the security ask the homsi: is that pet with you ?
then the parrot ansered : yup , he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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a homsi took half a sleeping tablet, so he slept one eye opened and the other closed.
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once a homsi wanted to go on bus no.10 but he missed the bus, so he went on bus no.20 and got of it half way
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By: Jimdogg
there was a chinies person and a american person and a humus person and they were on an airplane and the chiniese person through a penny of the airplane and the americam person through a nickle of the airplane finally the person hated his country so mutch he through a bomb so the chiniese person saw a little boy crying because some one throurh a penny on my head then the american person saw a little boy crying and he said someone through a nickel on my head then the humuse person found a little boy crying and he said why because dady farted and blew up the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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By: Mohammad alali
Why cats disappeared from Damascus ?
because the people in damascus colored the cats and sell them to the Homsian people as POKIMON:-))
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By: nina
Q:how can you put two elephants in a bottle without letting them toch each other?
A:by puting an elephant between them.

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By: hamida and zakiye
why does the homsi wear kalset(socks) khider(green)? because khider libeslo (wear) kalseto
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By: jaafar zaitouneh
one homsi called her girlfriend and said"come to my house there's no one tonight".so she came to him and founded no one , not even him!dah!
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By: Rami

A:he took his old dollar and replaced it with the new one that he found on the ground.
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By: doudou
what did the homis people do when they knew that an earthquake was going to hit homis?????????????
THE CHANGED THE NOTE THAT SAID "welcome to homis" to "welcome to halab " ! ;)
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By: funmaker
Q why dois the african black woman have three breasts ? A tow for milk , one for chocalte.
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By: chanchona
how does the homsi turn pages over
by licking his left thump and turning with his right thump
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