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Homsi: I was born in Lebanon.
Lebanese: "Oh really, what part?"
Homsi: "All of me!!."
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A Homsi and a Lebanese were walking outside when the Lebanese said,
"Oh, look at the dead bird."
The Homsi looked towards the sky and said "Where, where?"
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Q: Why can't Homsis dial 911?
A: They cannot find the eleven on the phone
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A Homsi is for the 1st time buying a color TV:
"Do you have colour TVs?"
"Sure" replies the seller "Give me a green one please".
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By: Wassim Al-Adel
Q: Why does the Homsi take a car door with him to the desert?
A: So he can open the window if it gets hot
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By: fft
A Homsi and a Palestinian got married, the outcome was a child that throws stones backwards.
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By: Jehad Rahima
A defence minister was coming to visit Syria once and our defence Minister was telling our honour guard soldier to fire 21 shots once the guest appears from the plane,
a Homsi soldier asked him, "Sir what if I hit him from the first shot shall we continue shooting".
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By: Fadi T.
A Homsi and a Shami were about to depart together in the same double-decker bus from Damascus to Allepo. The Shami goes to the bottom level and the Homsi goes to the top of the bus. An hour into the journey, the Homsi shouts down to the Shami and asks him how long till he'll get to Allepo. The Shami says that they've been on the road for an hour already so it won't be long till they get there. Surprised, the Homsi says "You're so lucky, our driver isn't even here yet!
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By: Mimo, Hala
The Syrian government has created a website for the country to encourage people to visit. Well, the Homsi meets with the President and demand to have their own website. The President argued with them that as Homs was within Syria that wasn't necessary.
They insist and in the end he consents. They say they want two websites not one! He can't get what's wrong with these people, so they explain that they want one for the winter and one for the summer. Baffled he asks why. They reply they want the winter
one to be called "" and the summer one "www.homs.nuscom"! :)
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By: Karim A A
Once their was a Homsi that was so lazy and the bell rang, and he was the only one in the house. So he said "who is on the door" his wife replied "its me your wife" the Homsi lazily said "go you are divorced"
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Q: Why did the Homsi place two cups of water on top of his television?
A: Because he wanted to see the Bahrain.
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By: Ghada.H
A woman who's playing Golf lost the golf ball in the woods that is by the Golf Course, getting the ball back, she found a frog trapped in a net. The frog said to her " If you free me I'll make 3 of your wishes come true" The woman freed the frog, the frog said "Oh, I forgot to tell you that any wish you make your husband will get the same thing but 3 times more than you will" It was fine with the woman. So the frog said " And what is your first wish?" The woman said " I wish to be the most beautiful woman on earth" The frog said don't forget that your husband will be 3 times more beautiful than you will be" So it was again okay with the woman. So she became the most beautiful woman on earth. Her second wish was that she become the richest person on earth. The frog reminded her again that her husband will be 3 times richer than she will be, and again she had no problem with that. Finally the frog asked her what will her last wish be, the woman said "I wish I have a minor heart attack".
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By: Nadim
A Homsi, an Italian and a Russian were sent out on a challenge to catch a Rabbit in the forest and the one that catch a rabbit with the faster time got $1000. The Italian caught a rabbit in 6 hours, the Russian took about 20 hours, the Homsi stayed in the forest for few days, eventually they went after him to see if he was still OK, they found hanging a little cat with its legs on a tree and he was beating here up and telling her: ADMIT THAT YOU'RE A RABBIT.
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One day the people in Hama felt sorry for the Homsi's that everyone was making fun of them. So they said we'll make ourselves look dumber than they are, but how, what should we do to look dumber than them? So after so thinking they decided to build a Dam in the desert. After it was completed they called the Presidents of Lebanon, Jordan, and Eygpt and said come look how stupid we are we built a dam in the desert. So when all the presidents came to see the dam, they saw the Homsi's sitting on top of it FISHING!!!
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By: Ramia Kamaria
A Homsi went to a zoo one day and saw all of the animals in the zoo laughing except for the donkey.
The next day he went back to the zoo. But this time the donkey was laughing and all the rest of the animals were quiet. The Homsi was confused.
He went to a worker and asked him "how come yeaterday all the animals were laughing and the donkey was quiet and today the donkey is laughing but all the other animals are quiet". The zookeeper replied "yesterday the monkey told a joke and the animals laughed, donkeys are just a little slow."
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